I look like your typical feminist right? Hair pulled back vintage black framed glasses and just enough cleavage to tease a man into looking so l can scold him for objectifying me But the thing is I'm NOT a feminist I'm a FEMALE SUPREMACIST I pretend to be a feminist I say that I'm a feminist But I'm not I'd say at least half of women that identify as feminists are actually female- supremacists Some know it some don't And our goal is NOT equality it's to metaphorically chop- off every man's dick one inch at a time till we're living in a full blown MATRIARCHY Did you really think our most popular motto THE FUTURE IS FEMALE is about EQUALITY?? We're taking over We're going to rule over you We're going to dominate you and there's not a damn thing you can do to stop i The Matriarchy is coming We want the dicks Meme

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