I love Herbalife! I use it daily! $81 Billion dollar Corp! been around since the 1970s! We are not a weight loss company we are a fat loss company We have more Doctors on our staff than any other product we are in every country Noble Prize Doctors on the board! Like anything if you loose fat and go back to your old self you will get fat again! Understand when you loose your old self you never ever ever go back! That's the how you keep it off! 1 Like Reply 18h A Hide 32 Replies have you watched typical MLM the documentary betting on zero? Herbalife is a that sells overpriced powders and preys on those who are vulnerable Like Reply 18h I've Watched il But if i helped a lady loose 60lbs what does the really have to do with her results? Like Reply 17h Meme

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