I made a big deal about how my boyfriend woke me up My phone was set to do not disturb so my alarm didn't go off this morning Thankfully my boyfriend woke me up on time since I had to get to my internship I woke up to my bovfriend gently running his fingers through my hair and nuzzling my face I made a pretty big deal about how he woke me up While he thought I was being silly I really just couldn't get over how cute it was Growing up I faced a tremendous amount of phys- ical abuse at the hands of my dad and three older brothers and it was not uncommon for my mom to actually pour water on my face to get me out of bed Needless to say the way my boyfriend treats me is a stark contrast to the way my family did The novelty of being touched so gently still hasn't worn off While I know relationships aren't always forever this is the first time I've ever felt completely safe with a person 201 14 Share Award I hope that I have this affect on someone someday via rwholesomememes httpbitly2BrFUIC Meme

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