I mean lesbian @Kaytarasaurus l think this may be the best wrong number text I've ever received AT&T 1235 PM 90%- ATar ? 1253 PM 1253 PM q 83% oday 1234 PM Hi sorry this is not Brittany I think you may have the wrong Hi Brittany Nancy sources for baby pygmy's we lost Spookie a month ago he was 13 and I would like to get another goat for Maple I tried a four old female and I need to return her tomorrow it's not going well she sits with my neighbors 4 other goats all day and her and Maple fight horribly Thanks Brit! Nanc do you have any am so sorry! No worries! I hope you find a baby goat for Maple I know right not an easy thing to find lol Messop0 0 ゃ寒 帝ャ@ Pay This is Maple The sender is oot in your contact st Report Junk Maple is so cute!!! Thank you for the pic e ASDF G HJKL Delivered 0 0 123 space return Sometimes you hit the wrong text jackpot credit & consent @kaytarasaurus Meme

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