I Men are easy to please but are not pleased for long before some new novelty must delight them 2 Men are easy to make passionate but are unable to sustain it 3 Men are always seeking soft women but find their lives in ruins without strong women 4 Men must be occupied at alll times otherwise they make mischief 5 Men deem themselves weighty and women light There- fore it is simple to tie a stone round their necks and drown them should they become too troublesome 6 Men are best left in groups by themselves where they will entirely wear themselves out in drunkenness and competition While this is taking place a woman may carry on with her own life unhindered 7 Men are never never to be trusted with what is closest to your heart and if it is they who are closest to your heart do not tell them asks you for money do 8 If a man not give it to him money and he does not give it to 9 If you ask you sell his richest possession and leave at once for a man I0 Your greatest strength is that every man believes he knows the sum and possibility of every woman The book I’m reading contains a woman’s list of rules for dealing with men and though fictional she’s clearly and expert-level troll Meme

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