i Message Today 616 PM Heard about your ad on Craigslist Still interested in a handsome white male with short hair? If so I'm your guy Today 827 PM Yes I am but the ad is for a white male kitten you know that right? Yes I have a well-groomed white kitty cat named Trix that I'm looking to get rid of Oh ok! The way you worded that threw me off lol but yes depending how close to Greensburg you are me and my husband can come pick him up What price? Also can you send me a picture Giving him away for free Kills me to do this but my wife is forcing me to get rid of him because of an incident between him and my 5 year old Son Aw that's too bad Do you mind telling me what happened? Just curious because I have younger kids of my own He bit his ear off Oh wow Ok but I'm going to have to pass I can't risk a pet doing anything like that to my kids Sorry I'm sorry think you misunderstood me My son is the one who bit the kitten's ear off I personally thought it was a funny prank but my wife wants him to stay away from animals for a while Ok I'm confused lol So your son bit off the kitten's ear Like the whole ear? As a prank Boys will be boys right? But yeah he bit the entire ear clean off in one bite Blood everywhere Total mess It was pretty impressive actually Sorry but I don't think that's normal boy behavior! That poor kitty Is he fine now? Did you treat him with anything? Yes we started giving him adderall every day and now he's not nearly as aggressive He almost completely stopped biting animals and people No the kitten Oh yeah the kitten is perfectly fine His vaccines are up to date and he's disease free Just missing an ear lol But my wife is threatening to let him loose into the wild if I don't find him an owner by the end of the night We will gladly take him if that's the case Tell your wife not to do that! And send a picture please of my wife or the kitten? Kitten That's not a kitten? Yeah you can barely tell it's a kitten anymore because the missing ear lol So are you guys gonna swing by and take him off my hands? Do you want my address? That's not even a kitten Is there no kitten at all or did your son bite off a rabbit's ear too? No but I'd be really impressed if he bit off an entire rabbit's ear Those things are a gigantic Read 910 PM I'm dead @ this conversation πŸ˜‚πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ Meme

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