I miss the Hold em off just until Goku gets here Squad These were just the most disappointing set of homies you could ask for Don’t get me wrong THIER loyalty is unmatched but in real battle situations they are capable of handling zero type of smoke Boy Goku couldn’t catch that quick nappy in the medical machine before the earth get blown to pieces Piccolo deserves way more credit He the step father who gets no credit Chi chi should have been throwing that ass back in the name of planet namek for raising Gohan They pulling up to a gun fight with a pack of yugioh cards Let’s start with Yamaha and how he should have been swallowed This the type of homie you don’t feel bad for because instead of him training in the hyperbolic time chamber he on pornhub and playing Krillin just ain’t drink enough milk He what Calilou could have been if he hit puberty Krillin the type of nigga to eat the food you drop on the ground This boy been dead more times then Butters from South Park V Nigga tien was prob the most disspointment if all He Capping hard as fuck with all them muscles just to get knocked out with a Ki blast I’ll poke that nigga in his third eye if he come to close to me And don’t even start me on Chiaotzu Boy was a full blown domestic terrorist He always tryna blow him self yo like chill Iil nigga He wanted to be cell jr so bad Meme

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