I probably didn't but it doesn't Fuck off and mind your own fuckin matter She's still immature and rude business She's the weirdo that can't for no reason handle shit like an adult I did nothing wrong to that girl Aight weirdo we agree Ok Mr let me create a burner Haha whatever I was nothing but nice and patient with her You're ridiculous account cause i still wanna bother her after she blocked me I'll never fuck off if you keep doing Trust me I'm a handsome IN SHAPE this lol and nice guy I usually don't have any issues in the lady department She caught me off guard by doing that bc I did nothing wrong All I did was compliment her and ask her out because we matched on a fucking dating app Fucking weirdo Well she shouldn't feel too special because my alternate accounts were not created for her After he gets blocked and creates burner accounts to continue to harass a girl and still claims he’s a nice guy Meme

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