i remember when i was <10 my mom intro me to a phd friend who was doing experiments on rats i would see him chop the top of the scalps off and put in electrodes on their brains afterwards they threw them in a bin and their bodies still moving its insane that a phd person IQ at least 130 can lack that much empathy toward animals one can argue that its for the better of humanity with whatever they learn we cant take for granted all the strides these experiments have had on our daily lives we're probably ignorant of that and its prob better we don't know but seeing that beagle like that is insane to me wtf Reply Give Award Share Report Save Don't worry kid IQ of 143 here and I find this carry-on abhorrent A clear demonstration of how emotional intelligence is often divorced from IQ Reply Give Award Share Report Save ***Warning*** High chance of boomer Meme

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