i Still cant believe sneaking out is an Actual this is just so unrealistic to me like what the fuck how do yal do it??? I have Arguments and 1 like what am i supposed to do if i live in a building??? do i just wait for the elevator?7 do i take the stairs?? mind me there could be a Lot 2 how THE FUCK do yall manage to do all this shit without waking anyone up?2? this is So Fake!! if i so much as sneeze into my pillow my mom will come into my room and see if my ass is okay and then complain that i woke her up 3 HOW THE FUCK DONT YOUR PARENTS REALIZE YALL ARE GONE?? AND HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO COME BACK?? WHAT THE 4 if my mom found out that id been going places in the middle of the night u bet your ass d be dead the next day 5 i dont believe in this concept At All i mean i guess it's possible the way american houses are built but it's still a bit far fetched mo but yea growing up in Puerto Rico in an urbanizacion it was like Imao you can't sneak out in a house like that first of all our windows are miami style of whatever second of all there's only 1 functioning door technically our house had 2 but 1 of them had potted plants on both sides so it was never used but in any case both were on the same side of the house and the house is so small like you would hear someone opening and closing it plus you just know at least 1 person on your street would be up and would spill that piping hot tea to your parents the next day so my sister snuck out of the house one night because we live in an old house in the country that's always creaking and settling which good news is perfect for sneaking out because there's always weird noises anyway we're in the middle of the woods and there's always creepy fucking noises but hey what are white girls gonna do except sneak out at night and through the woods to go have sex with their boyfriends? and I do literally mean through the woods our driveway is a quarter of a mile long through actual wooded area and she wasn't smart enough to grab a flashlight but she could sort of see the headlights of her boyfriend's car at the very end so it wasn't so bad going down to except when she got dropped off she had to make the trip back up the driveway through the dark scary woods with no light whatsoever at like 3 am or some other Gonna Get White Girl Murdered time and she was high as fuuuuuuuck so she's creeping her way back up the driveway trying to move slow or else she'll fall off the ground and get lost in the sky forever then she steps on a frog because we also have a 3 acre pond like our property isn't fucking creepy enough already and my first-time-to-ever-be-high sister stepped on a FROG and apparently it both squished and belched and keep in mind that with no light whatsoever she doesn't know what the fuck just happened AT ALL I wake up to a series of frantic text messages dont tell momd and dad also just for context this is also the sister that pierced her own ears and gave herself a stick'n'poke tattoo with a lighter and my mom's sewing needle because she got restless and picked a fight with a girl two grades above half a foot taller and probably a hundred pounds heavier AND WON it doesn't matter if you're smol if you get 'em and get on top so waking up to an I just murdered text from her was actually kind of inevitable siblings are either ride or die or no officer I've never seen that person before and that nightI decided I was ride or die so then I take MY dumb white girl ass out into the woods in the middle of the night but at east I'm smart enough to take a flashlight sister had already texted me she was onthe driveways but again that's a quarter mile finally I arrive at the scene of the crime sister sitting in the gravel crying makeup a frog laying still beside her looking like a slightly smaler Jabba the Hut she points at the frog and sobs that it's a heart obviously a frog a fucking BIG ASS frog but still I'm relieved but also super pissed because I drug myself out of bed snuck out too and dangled my sumptuous human body in front of all the Forest Monsters on my way down here and there isn't even a fucking body just a frog which I pick up to show her is not a heart and turns out to only be stunned! not dead! still very much alive and full of peel! so it pisses all over me and slimes out of my also I totally held my sister's hand with my Piss Hand as I led her back home because she 6 why wouldn't you rather just sleep the journey came home Sneaking out of the house with a side of frog murder Meme

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