I swear to God if one more person tr 5 hrs · 24 I swear to God if one more person tries to touch my infant without sanitizing their hands and then lecture me about how he needs to be vaccinated because 'everyone else does it' they are going to get the full wrath of the Mama Bear And it probably won't be pretty because when you finally get the wrath you deserve from this one? Diabolical and will cut you to the soul NOT sorry לן Like Comment 6 You are gonna vaccinate though right? O2 Like Reply 5 hrs More we may do a few at a delayed schedule Or when our pediatrician can answer the question why we were required 12 and babies today are required 78 injections without just getting a blank look and no answer 2 hrs Like Reply More I didn’t realize one of my fb friends was anti vax claimed she’s done “years of research” Meme

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