i Swipe 034 724 L L Replies Toby Micheal Micheal Toby Toby Alright you know what? I sick of this Micheal ooh I'm so scared Toby You do nothing in this office but waste time the fact that work even gets done in here is because the staff happens to be good at their jobs You sexually harass the women of this office like it's a game it's not You are a moronic little man and it's absolutely astounding that you still have this job You get paid less than your employees yet you don't even notice it because you've far up your ass that you got your head so can't see what's right in front of you! You talk rudely for to me so no reason other than the fact that you have no power of me when l have actual power over you! Get to work or I'm reporting you to HR for all of your shit! Micheal Silence X About time we got some of The Office cringe here Meme

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