I think Han is one who activated the lightsaber not Ben I know what I have to do but I don't know if I have the strength to do it will you help me Han yes anything Kylo pulls out his lightsaber holds it in both hands Han reaches down grasp the center of it We just see their faces but notice they aren't struggling Lightsaber activates and goes through Han Kylo looks startled for a moment and says thank you Han touches his son's face and falls into the abyss KyloBen journey to the dark side required him to kill his father Han knew this and knew his Snoke would kill his son if he failed this task By Han activating the lightsaber himself Kylo can still go back to Snoke and report that the deed is donebut the fact that it wasn't really him that killed his father ensures there will always be a smidge of light left in him that can never be snuffed out ThuseventuallyHan's sacrifice will succeed in his promise to Bring their son home omg-humor Interesting star wars theory Meme

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