I think I've got a crush on one of my friends but I'm not sure if that makes me bisexual or if it's just a phase I'm 14 Is there any way to know? Anonymous You're 14 You're not only still learning about yourself you're still forming This is a time for phases and that's not a bad thing Revel in phases like you' ve never been old enough to before and will never be young enough to do again Try phases Wear ugly nail polish Dip-dye your hair Cut it all off Cry about that Wear hats and wigs or not Pierce your belly button with a sewing needie and ice and have it get infected and ooze pus on your favorite shirt and learn why you'll get all your other piercings done at a shop Weep yourself sick over things you'll think are stupid in six months six days or six hoursor things that will scar your heart until you're eighty Know that you'll survive both Eat an entire cheesecake because your metabolism is young Try wine coolers and learn that they're disgusting and a sip of Shiraz you'll need a job to afford and learn that it can be disgusting too Be a poet this week and don't shower and wander around barefoot at night thinking deep thoughts until you step in dog crap then be a photojoumalist then an activist then a vegan then a misanthropic nihilist Get your heart broken Survive it Be fifteen versions of yourself in sixteen weeks and try on selves like blue jeans until you find one that fits for now and makes you feel amazing and know that it's ok if it doesn't fit ater because you're still growing and there are always more on the shelves and in weird little thrift stores and you can even sew your own Kiss boys kiss giris kiss people who are neither or both kiss puppies and babies and photos of celebrities and old books Kiss being 14 - deeply wetly messily -before you have to kiss it good bye and worry about what labels stick andythanfiction Can we please just tell every middle schooler this instead of making them feel embarrassed by their existence and their need to try new things? It would be much nicer to hear this through middle school and high school than it is to hear about how dumb your phase or whatever is and how much you'll regret it in a year Damn every time I see this go by my dash it has like 10K more notes I'm awed by how much it seems to have meant to so many people and incredibly moved to see so many notes saying that this has mattered 103825 notes Phases Meme

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