I truly am sorry I'm sorry for every night you looked at the clock and it was blurry because of the tears in your eyes as you struggled to find out that it was 3 am and you hadn't slept a wink even though you had to be up in 3 hours all because made you feel like you weren't good enough I'm sorry for all the makeup it took to cover up the bags under your eyes and the depression written all over your face I'm sorry for every time my pride got in the way for all the things I wouldn't do for you for all the words l said and especially all the words I would never say because I had my own issues trying to be a man I'm sorry for making it hard for another man to love you left you hanging ruined your trust and now for every guy that comes along you'll notice parts of me in him you'll be reluctant to let down your walls you won't give him 100% like he deserves and you'll hold on to your heart because I scratched my name into it like a torn up CD I'm sorry for every time your friends had to pick you up and take you out to cheer you up I'm sorry for the decisions you made and all the vodka you drank trying to erase my memory m sorry for the bruises I never hit you but l did far far worse l gave you a heartache that doesn't stop hurting I'm sorry for every time you hugged your mom as she cursed my name under her breath because her little girl wasn't the same anymore I'm sorry for every shoulder you cried on and I'm sorry mine was never one of them I'm sorry didn't give you the love and respect you deserved and made it where the words I love you leave a bitter taste in your mouth I'm sorry every time you smell my cologne on someone else you immediately walk away I'm sorry for everything I've put you through I'm sorry for how fascinated you've become with hurricanes how they destroy everything in their path and how much sense it makes that they're named after people I wish I never met you because our relationship is a burnt bridge that's become impassable And no matter how bad either of us want to we'll never be able to cross that bridge again BMH This broke my heart Meme

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