I want to share with you all the most energizing relationship I've ever experienced The man on the left was my ex-husband The man on the right is my current husband About a year ago my ex-husband was given a sudden unexpected cancer diagnosis that was already terminal once detected He had no family nearby and several barriers to care so out of desperation he reached out to me after not having spoke to me in a few years I had already remarried and moved on in life he and my husband had never met Upon learning of his prognosis my husband agreed fully and without hesitation to let my ex move in with us to be cared for in his final weeks He took great part in his care and they became friends We were there as a team for my ex from the day of his diagnosis until his last day on earth I'm so proud of my husband for his selflessness and kindness andl want to share it with you all May you all be blessed with energizing wholesome love Saw this in a relationship group Meme

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