I want you back love He said I miss you and I know how much my heart has been wishing for you to speak those words but do you really want me back? Or do you miss the feeling of having power and control over someone? You want to regain the satisfaction of seeing someone so much in love with you and later destroying them to shrubs You want me to drown in the deep fake ocean of love again after I had given up everything to escape it You changed me Perhaps I'm no longer the cheerful sweet girl I was back then I don't attach myself to people who walk by me and leave and to be honest I'm proud of thatI learnt how much strength I had within some would say it was your loss that changed me but no I wouldn't give you credit for a battle I fought on my own I tamed the chaos without you I buried the guilt without you and I moved past what we had without you So no you are not getting me back because I'm worth more than the girl you left me for I'm worth more than a single text of 'I love you' or I miss you' I'm worth more than what you can give I deserve heavy efforts respect fulfilled promises and a man who sees the world in me I loved you but I no longer do -AM Meme

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