I want you to know that you inspire me to be a better teacher each day worry about my students each day they walk out of my class bc l know how the real world is and I fear for their safety and their lives They laugh at me when I stress to them if they encounter cops to be calm and not react so angrily like they do at times when they are fussing with their peers l appreciate you educating those of us who want to learn how to make a difference in the lives of our youth Thank you Today at 359 PM Awww lol you really made my day with this message thank you for taking the time to even let me know just how I am impacting others S it truly takes all of us to make a difference 00 Messages like this just make my heart smile💯 With the daily threats from trolls sometimes I need these type of reminders to stay focused Professors inbox or dm often on lessons based on my posts I've developed curriculums for educators based on meeting over a post Some hate when I go on my Justice rants but understand why I speak the way I do Just happy to know you are still listening out there because it truly takes a village and we will only win through our unity - Ms V uniteoride socialjusticeactivist communityorganizer education servingmypurpose massincarceration juvenilejustice thepowerofyou nationbuild communityunity communitypolicing teachtheyouththetruth blacklivesmatters knowyourrights copwatch parenting realestate reentry racialprofiling brokenwindowspolicing Meme

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