I was sitting in the airport garage waiting for my sister when I got a phone call My ringtone is the TARDIS sound and mind you I'm in a jeep with the roof off and my sound is all the way up So when my ringer goes off I hear someone drop their bags in the distance scream and start running By the time the ring was over I had no joke five people circling my car One guy was like Blasted doctor got the chameleon shields's to work! It looks like a car now! And then I realized that they couldn't see me because I was reclined back in the back seat I popped up with a grin on my face and was like 'Hello there! Sorry 'bout that I'm just breakin her in don't mind me! I'm guessing 2000s? Where've l popped up this time?' I looked down at my boobs cringed and muttered 'we'll I guess this was going to happen eventually And shrugged One looked like she was nearly about to faint when I jumped out and ran off It was the greatest experience of my life Greatest Experience Of My Life I'm convinced that the alcohol is starting to rot my brain because I actually thought this was funny Meme

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