i1 day ago F 889 Kicked from my guild for not congratulating someone on reaching level 60 Discussion Hey guys so I wanted to share an experience that just happened to me over a few hours ago today In the beginning of this afternoon one of my friends had asked me to tank Zul'Farak for them since they had a spot open for a tank and since I still had some quests to be done there In the middle of my dungeon we were doing the staircase event which is the wave section of ZF with all the trolls and in the midst of it I noticed my guild chat is being spammed with congrats and a bunch of random things I then see a message saying You have been Removed from the guild and then get a whisper from the GM saying Do you know why I did that? and I decided to ask why so I could find out His exact response was I kicked you out of the guild because one of our officers reached level 60 and you weren't there to congratulate them I then tried to explain to him that I was in the middle of a boss encounter and wasn't able to respond to them but as I tried to send the message they had already put them on ignore I also tried whispering the person who reached 60 but they had also put me on ignore I just feel really ticked off right now because I am only 9 levels away from 60 and thought I had found a guild were I could connect with others through Dungeons PvP and Raiding but can't because I don't know any other guilds to join TLDR I was kicked from my guild while Tanking Zul'farak mid boss encounter for not congratulating an officer on reaching level 60 EDIT Had to repost this because the bot had removed my post since I had forgot to flair Sorry about that Second Edit Hey guys I am appreciating all the support I am getting from all you but I do not want to post the guild and server because that is going to lead to harassment and end up being all because of me I am just glad that I got out of that whole situation early and I ended up joining my friend's guild which I told them them what happened and they invited me in I just wanted to tell you all what happened a few hours ago in my classic experience and glad to leave that guild behind in the dust Save Hide Give Award 536 Comments Share Report Inferior great community btw Meme

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