#IamBrettKavanaugh Let me explain A few nights back at bedtime as we were ushering the girls upstairs I leaned in to give my two-year-old daughter a snuggle She pulled away We do this sometimes it’s our little game So playing my part I feigned an indignant overly-dramatic offense which made her giggle We were playing of course so naturally I leaned in again for my second attempt Same pull-away Same feigned offense Same giggle On the third round she began to lose interest in the game and instead reached for her binky I being in possession of said binky having just rinsed it off held it up just out of reach A bargaining chip It only took a split second My wife and I exchanged an identical look of instant recognition In that moment I knew I actually felt it deeply and personally I have always empathized or at least tried to but now I understood And it sickened me And scared me Because how can you be part of the solution when you don’t even realize you’re still part of the problem? Because the sense of entitlement is ingrained to the point of instinct Because we judge ourselves based on our intentions but judge others based on their actions And because the underlying danger isn’t reserved only for the risk of an overt assault but in the fact that one’s intentions and actions can be completely incongruous without even realizing it Were my intentions in the little scene I described anything but those of a loving father? Of course not Did my actions equate in their severity to those of someone who forces himself on women? No Will it be easy for some reading this post to view it as overreaction or dismiss it as liberal brainwashing? Highly likely But the simple fact here is that even at the age of two my little girl is learning what it means to be female She’s learning that her affection has value and that withholding it can have consequences That her consent if not offered outright will likely be subjected to coercion That there is a path of least resistance In recent days I like many have struggled to reconcile the moment we are in and to see a path forward I’ve been enraged Outraged Incredulous Helpless Depressed Angry But now I am resolute The change we need won’t *begin* with elected officials or judicial appointments It will begin with each and every one of us taking a good hard look in the mirror in our own individual ability to acknowledge our flaws and to be mindful of them in the behavior we model moving forward It begins by raising our sons to own their actions with humility It begins by raising our daughters to own their power without apology It begins by no longer tolerating a look-the-other-way culture of hypocrisy and calling out those who do loudly publicly and relentlessly until they are shamed into self-reflection or out of positions of influence It begins right now via Marc Giannettino Meme

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