IB “I covered a lot of Trump rallies as a journalist I didn’t feel any hatred People were more curious than anything I was never assaulted I felt like most people were just supporting him because he wasn’t part of the establishment Or because they were tired of politics But it was confusing Because even though I didn’t feel like they hated me these people were supporting someone who said I should be banned from the country Even the father of one of my best friends supports Trump This man had me over to his house I went to Thanksgiving with him My friend asked him ‘Dad how can you support that man? Our friend Zahra is a Muslim’ He told her ‘Don’t worry He won’t do everything that he says’ Today has been difficult These last few weeks it was mostly speculation There was suspicion that most Americans supported him but I could hope that it was wrong But now that hope is gone And I have to feel differently I have to feel like maybe most Americans don’t want me here And I feel like no matter how hard I try I’ll never be part of the community And even if they’re friendly to me or if they invite me to Thanksgiving deep down they believe that America is a country that belongs to white people” Meme

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