ICE CREAM REFILLABLE BOTTLE DO NOT DISCARD SPIL MAGIC IMMEDIATELY REMOVES LIQUID SPILLS OF ANY ORIGIN OR VISCOSITY SprinkleStir & Remove EASY STEPS STEP 1 STEP 4 temove ald dispese of preaeriv See caution hetow STEP 2 STEP 3 If Spill Magic liecomes gummy or if a liquid residue remaiRs add mere Spitl Magse and work il tnto ihe area Sorround ed d es ux side wit Sp Mag Using& firm ireudar action wark Spill Magir ints the spitled iiquid with a otiff sted push breem NOTE Po Npi Mag sulside of not directly onto he sp WASTE CAN SPILL MAGIC is odorless lightweight non-toxic nan-flammable non-carcinogenic 1IARC Monagram-42 and In harmless to humans animals and the environment t is safe for all surfaces including asphalt concrete carpet tite and 6oil INGREDIENTS Amorphous aluminum silicate CAS#93763-70-31 PRECAUTIONS Avoid sin tin gh winds Overexposure may cause coughing and sneezing Persons sensitive to inert dust may experience coughing when exposed to heavy airborhe Concentrations FIRST AID Breathe fresh air If dust lodges in eyes use atandard eye wash solutions or water Consult a physician il problems persist NET WEIGHT 3 LBS NOTE SPILL MAGIC SHOULD NOT BE USED TO ABSORB HYDROFLUORIC ACID CAUTION USED SPILL MAGIC MUST BE DISPOSED OF IN ACCORDANCE WITH ANY FEDERAL Sate STATE OR LOCAL LAWS AND REOULATIONS GOVERNINO THE ABSORBED LIQUID OR MATERIAL 14958 32210 wwwspillmagiccom18009691467 DO NOT POUR DOWN DRAIN What flavor ? Meme

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