ideals of being a Lawful Good paladin and that's when some Divine Intervetion was in order light burst forth from above them shining on the paladin It appeared thatit fumy I think he was still a little sore at that point though by now he'd figured out I wasn't 야ainst him at least core ideals of a paladin and that his alignment was now bumped down to Chaotic Good but then that's when I told him there Don't pull that! She yels My dad was only trying to protect us! a harrumph Before the others left though I sat down and spoke with them about what I had in mind I wanted them to help paladin Alright now hurry and make your decision As I said everyone here has committed a crime and I said this I emphasized it when I said Everyone here has committed a crime and now one of them must die Thankfully the paladin pick three planes from whence they came and then had a temple raised where the final battle hed t a shining example of what is good and just in this world Sometimes this means defending the innocent from undeserved punishment or puting the sword t point the paladin feels a strong urge from some outside source to remove the dead man's mask When he does he is homfied to find his own face behind it Because of your actions this chld will never embrace her father again Look well upon this scene and leam from it meadow and the spint of Maximus gives im his advice Hold fast to your ideels and the trials will bear you no threat The first trial The paladin awakens again this time in a runed village The buldings Now even the bandit and daughter disappear and the paladin's vision changes to a new scene one last time moment he makes contact skin clears And instead his hand is shot with fiery pain and several nasty blisters begin to form The girl's condition starts to rapidly improve before his eyes and before long she is clean and disease free Even she can't believe it as she starts to thank the paladin vigorously And then more show up dragging themselves over to him Some of them are hardly recognizable as human now and they're all begging for help What does the smite happy paladin do when a very obvious villain appears? He smites some god damn evil right? Well usually canft heal everyone then he should ignore him and heal his wife instead No she says he can leave her and save her mother This essentially goes t right? How bad could that be? That's what the player was thinking and then I rolled the dice I now the paladin's had enough IC and the player's decided it's now or never OOC and he just starts running down t 0 Nat 20s to beat him I mean he doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of beating him The paladin was level1 s under an unfamiliar roof When he checks his hands they are clean and dseese free again When he stands s bed to make sure hes anght In that time theyd aready managed to rebuld their village again and it wes Al thanks to you stranger ives against monster and man alke so that people like them may Iive in peace Whether it is against fiends or against flesh-consuming disease healing your own injuries so that you may always stand in their defense Suddenly the villagers disappears and the paladin now finds himself in a stone comidor with several men baring a stone door as something tries to force it's way i It was pathetic watching his face as he rolled high and I tell him that once again his sword is blocked The antipaladin then tuns around and lazily swings his sword with one hand at him not even bothering to tum and face him It was paladin goes to help them keep the door shut While he's doing that another one comes back with something heavy to seal the door with and eventually the pounding him onto the ground and begins walking away again they can't stay here forever if this is going to keep happening every night they need to escape Why don't we leave one behind so they'll be busy with them while the rest escape? the barbarian suggests That would be hormible! the cleric declares I don't see any other choice says the sorceress The paladin suggest staying and Hold fast to your ideals and the trials will bear you no threat But if you should ever waver then your doom last charge This time I didn't make him roll dce and just told him that his blade sank into his black amor and pierced his heart Suddenly between his tum and theirs a crossbow boit hits the monster in front of him square in the eye door and pulls his sword free The antipaladin's body then dissipates into a black mist and disappears He sheathes his sword and heads tchforks and torches They come charging into the buiding where the paladin was holdng out and they stat attacking the monsters antipeladin speak one last time his voice seeming to come from every direction >Use this so that your courage may never waver and that your allies ill always stand with y monks came for him the next day relieved to see that he was still breathing They brought him session for the day But the paladin's player surprised me and said there was one last e debt collectors and then proceed to tell them t promised to deal with their debt collectors as a small apology for what he'd done It wasn't enough to make Meme

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