If Cantor spoke with Mueller on Halloween as the Times chronology suggests what happened between then and November 6th which is wher the FBI reportedly informed James Clapper Jr the Director of National Intelligence abourt Petraeus's extra-marital affair? The internal pressure must have been enormous on Petraeus during this period Perhaps he tried to outlast the election in order to shelter Obama from the fallout of his own personal foibles Perhaps the FBI director Mueller who has reputation for integrity tried to keep the scandal from political exploitation by keeping it under wraps until Election Day Cantor too appears to have kept quiet despite e political advantage his party might have gained from going public Why? It is possible that because the investigation had national-security implications those in the know needed to tread carefully for legal reasons Never Forget! The totally not biased Robert Mueller covered up the Patraeus Scandal to help Obama win in 2012 Meme

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