If you encounter wine snobs confuse them by using this move zombiebiologist shittylifeprotips SLPT Confuse those wine snobs by *hearing* the wine so i told my mom about this post before she and my dad went on a trip to napa and she was delighted to try this out and apparently when she straight-faced lifted her glass of chardonnay to her ear and swirled it she baffled the other winery-goers so much that they all instinctively did exactly the same thing that sort of crowd-think that you aren’t quite sure what’s right but you’ll be damned if you’re mistaken for the plebian that you are but watching that was enough for my mom to lose her composure laugh so hard she cried and spill the entire glass all over herself in the process getting kicked out of the winery so long story short do this at your own risk Meme

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