If Young Metro don't trust you I'm gon' shoot you If you haven't earned the trust of Young Metro I will fire a weapon at you If hip hop producer Young Metro deems you unworthy of his trust for whatever reason rest assured I will assault you with a firearm Let it be known that should the circumstance arise in which the musical production technician of the hip hop genre known as Prepubescent Metropolis lacks the confidence to comfortably instill a sense of trustworthiness into you due to past dispositions regarding the nature of your character you have my certainty that I will be arming myself with one of many various caliber ballistic combat firearm weapons and after loading a magazine which contains the ammunition on which the projectile lethality is based and loading a single unit of this ammunition into the capacity chamber of the weaponized warfare mechanism after disengaging the safety locking unit located on the firearm I will be acquiring the physical space which your biological presence encapsulates into the appropriate sighting contraptions affixed to my caliber combat gadget so that I may then exert force from my index finger onto the trigger mechanism of the Bruh šŸ˜³šŸ”« Meme

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