If you're going to land any trick it's gotta be done perfectly Same goes with landing in heaven-you gotta be PERFECT! Since that's the case we all have a major problem! God's stan- dard is the 10 commandments & the Bible says even ONE sin like telling a lie stealing using God's name like a curse word disobeying your parents or loving anything above God keeps us out of heaven & sends us to hell Ro- mans 323 says for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God Without God's help we are all toast! The awesome thing is God made aa for us Romans 58 says WHEPE way we were still sinners Christ died us God loves yo for all your sins Jesus died on the cross & rose from the dead We mus believe in what Jesus did for us on the & confess with our mouth that u so much H cross we put our trust in Him! Jesus did all the work you must simply receive the gift To do this turn from your sins read the Bible and do what it says- He'll cover you in His perfection and give you true life! gottractscom AND2 Where will you land??? Meme

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