Ifprogramming languages had honest slogans what would they be? Christopher Reiss Developer for hire Updated Aug 13 Upvoted by Rohan Rao MCA Software and Applications & Computer Programming Indi and Ehood Garmiza Over two decades of Systems Programming C Because fuck vou C++ Fuck this- Dan Allen Visual Basic 10 times as big but only 5 times as stupid Lisp You're all idiots JavaScript You guys know I'm holding up the internet right? Scala That was a waste of 4 weeks Go Tell me about it Scala Python All we are saying is give un-typed a chance R Whoa I was supposed to be a statistics package! · Java Like a Roomba you guess it's OK but none of your friends use it PHP Do Not Resuscitate Perl PHP take me with you t Nobody knows HTML No CSS I said no XML Stop Okay Meme

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