IGI DC NATION UNIVERSE KORIAND'R STARFIRE DICK GRAYSON ROBIN RACHEL ROTH RAVEN Titans Ep1 review-recap Holy hell I don't know how to start this review it's just brilliant it breathe Comic book every detail in this show is calculated it feels so cinematic everything about it the Score camera movement the fight scenes THE plot is just captivating and yeah it feels like a Geoff Johns work his touch is there the depth the dialogue I'm literally fanboying DICK GRAYSON brenton owns the character the charisma the one liners he is DICK grayosn AND god @the_annadiop what an actress she stole the episode and her storyline is very interesting you'll understand her look when you watch the episode but overall she was phenomenal Raven brilliant in my opinion in terms of character she was the most COMICBOOK accurate I loved every scene she was in What a start guys dc dccomics dceu dcu dcrebirth dcnation dcextendeduniverse batman superman manofsteel thedarkknight wonderwoman justiceleague cyborg aquaman martianmanhunter greenlantern theflash greenarrow suicidesquad thejoker harleyquinn catwoman Meme

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