IGI SUPERHEROSF BREAKING NEWS JARED LETO TO STAR IN AND PRODUCE HIS OWN KER MVIE READ CAPTION!! What if i told that i actually support this ? Well as much as i hate Suicide Squad i still believe that the joker was horribly Misused and that Jared is a great actor and desrves another shot and mainly a better script I'm not the biggest fan of the DCEU and how they handle their cinematic universe and how unorthodox it is but if they're actually gonna focus on solo films and they get some good dircetors with creative freedom and let them make their own movies then I'm down we all love these characters and no one wants WB to give up on making DC films yes they took some really bad directions and yes they let us down many times but still we need to stay positive and well like i said screw connecting the universe and focus on doing these characters Justice i wanna watch a nightwing film and i don't give a crap if it's in the same universe with the snyder verse and i wanna watch a new gods film and also i don't care if it's connected and i wanna watch ton of other great characters on the big screen so yeah finger crossed Blackpanther Mcu Marvel dc dccomics dceu dcu dcrebirth dcnation dcextendeduniverse batman superman manofsteel thedarkknight wonderwoman justiceleague cyborg aquaman martianmanhunter greenlantern venom spiderman infinitywar avengers avengersinfintywar ironman thanos Meme

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