iglcc Ok I'm losing my witnessed the sickest burn a 7 year old could ever right now because I just deliver I'm just sitting here at the park and there's a group of little girls near me They decided to play 'Disney Princesses' and this one girl who probably thinks she's the 'leader' was assigning each one a character Clearly she was choosing them based on looks as a brunette she was Snow White the 2 blonde ones got to be Cinderella and Elsa So when she got to this little Asian girl she obviously chose Mulan So the Asian girl is like Why am I Mulan? She's not a princess The leader says in a nasty tone Yeah but you have small eyes like her The Asian girl went quiet for a few seconds but then proceeded with the straightest face ever Then I think you should be one of Cinderella's sisters The leader tilts her head and goes Why? so my little hernine anes because vou're ualv like them APPLY COLD WATER TO BURNED AREA More laughs at FUNSubstancecom Meme

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