Ihis student emailed his lecturer when drunk ATAT 1018 AM <Inbox 67 mr Martin 1025 AM Sent Patrick Just letting u kno that u r a motherfuckn g and I'm sorry that u r bald Lo Sounds like you had a great night I will extend your paper deadline to岦ednesday at 11-59 PM It must be submitted to If u want I can hook u go with a girl who can get ur hair back and keep u bangin my syllabus for informa Please refer to on how to submit your paper tionn Also I just needed to ask u for an extension on my paper I'm really fucked n and will b sick af tomorrow I appreciate your concern for my bald head My wite likes it and I don't get paid Keep slayin boi and I forgot to do school loop again Love u and c u Monday Good fuckn yard Patrick Davidson On a side note What were you drinking last night? Next time you email me id like a bottle of whatever you had so I don't have to remember what you said Good yard Mr Martin Sent from my iPhone awesomacious Absolute wholesome lad Meme

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