IIIMTN LTE 731 PM Tweet mellow yello @SENSEL_KK can someone explain IT to me 13012018 700 PM 1 Retweet 1 Like kwame @johlyn_29m Replying to @SENSEL_KK Explain what to you mellow yello @SENSEILKK 29m it 2 kwame @johlyn_ 28m What? mellow yello @SENSEI_KK 27m it u dumbass Tweet your reply IIIMTN LTE 731 PM Tweet kwame @johlyn_ 27m WHATTTT???? mellow yello @SENSEI_KK 26m it you FUCKING IDIOT stop screaming do you not understand english after 6pm? kwame @johlyn_ 25m ldk what exactly you want me to explain to you but when you're ready to tell me what it is just let me know Twat mellow yello @SENSEI_KK 25m explain IT IT IT!! it's a fuckin movie called it kwame @johlyn24m What's it called? 2 mellow yello @SENSEI_KK 23m YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE ME PEEL MY SKIN OFF R U DUMB OR ARE YOU DUMB Tweet your reply IIIMTN LTE 731 PM Tweet kwame @johlyn_22m Y u yelling mellow yello @SENSEI_KK 21m cus you're a dumbass have you not seen it kwame @johlyn_ 17m Seen what mellow yello @SENSEI_KK14m you know what? you can fuck off kwame @johlyn_ 13m Rude mellow yello @SENSEL_KK 10m ure rude for not knowing wtf IT is kwame @johlyn_ 10m For not knowing what what is? Tweet your reply IIIMTN LTE 731 PM Tweet mellow yello OSENSEI _KK 8m IT IT IT IT IS A FUCKING MOVIE THERES MOVIE CALLED IT IT I AND T called IT kwame @johlyn_7m Haven't seen it mellow yello @SENSEI_KK6m okay so go and watch it then come and explain it to me kwame @johlyn_ 6m Watch what? 2 2 mellow yello @SENSEI_KK 3m you know what? it's okay unfollow me cus clearly you're either dumb or you're dumb kwame @johlyn_3m Rude Tweet your reply Iā€™M DEAD šŸ˜‚šŸ’€ httpstcoae9G9bkMRt Meme

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