ILGAIREMENTOR DONT EVER GO WITH THE FLOW BE THE FLOW @MILLIONAIREMENTOR “Go with the flow” an incredibly common phrase Can have many interpretations but I interpret it to mean following and conforming to the expected and common norms of society My advice? Create your own flow - What happens when you create your own flow? ✔️You free your mind of all societal messages of manipulation and negative self-talk that says you can’t Release thoughts that say you should do this and shouldn’t do that and that stop you from having a clear perspective on why you’re doing what you’re doing ✔️You love your body Listen to your body Tune in to how you feel when you’re working We need to focus within and respect those lingering inner passions I see too many people “hating” their job dreading Monday morning counting down days till the weekend Sh*t that’s not life! What lights you up? What burning desires are you not listening to? ✔️Open your soul but in the sense of expressing your real self being your most uniquely amazing “you”🔥 - betheflow success millionairementor Meme

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