ill Quickline 4G 1724 7 95% T Share 3 15 days but overall everyone in the US did their part in dealing with the attacks but I don't think that anyone could have any better than everyone involved that day RIP to all who lost their lives Vote Reply atc800- 1d No planes actually crashed that day the laws of physics do not allow for the crash that is shown in the video Pretty much everyone interested in aviation or physics knows this Many aeronautical engineers pilots and physicists know that those planes did not crash It's impossible physics Planes do not simply cut through structures like that as though it were butter laws of physics state when you apply force to an object that object applies equal force back- yet the building appears to give way like melted butter Also they magically found every single terrorists passport and yet absolutely NO wreckage from any of the aircraft that supposedly crashed httpswwwae911truthorg Reply -1 Add a comment It’s Reddit but yeah Meme

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