I'll shove a gag ball into that filthy mouth rip your anus with a saw and expose your intestines When that's over I'll pull of your skin into strips put shit into them take off the bloody gag ball and force down the shit into your mouth But I will make it an endless loop by stapling your intestines around your filthy gums When that's all over I'll snap your neck and pummel you with a sledge hammer like you're some filthy animal that seemed to be an acci- dental child birthed by a prostitute But I won't stop even when you're dead I'll keep on pummeling you un- til you're a bloody mutilated mass of flesh bone shit and HORSE semen Then I'll put your remains in a plastic bag put it in a blender and throw it into the sewage So don't ever EVER DISRESPECT CARL AGAIN Fucking 43 follower fucking meme account Jesus you're worthless Guy threatens me with death because i say i didnt like carl memes and im only 13 Meme

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