ILLEGALS COST US TAXPAYERS $113 BILLION A YEAR WHILE CONTRIBUTING ONLY $12 BILLION A YEAR VIA TAX PAYMENTS 62% OF ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT FAMILIES PARTICIPATE IN AT LEAST ONE WELFARE PROGRAM FREE LOADERS BECOME MORE GIVE IMPORTANT ME THAN MORE TAXPAYERS FREE SECURED SHIT BORDERS THIS HAS TO STOP! ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAWS CUT OFF ALL FREEBIES DEPORT ILLEGALS SECURE THE BORDERS TO KEEP THEM OUT! STOP REWARDING START DEPORTING! LIKE IF YOU AGREE illegals cost US taxpayers $113 billion a year while contributing only $12 billion a year via tax payments If we do the math we will see that illegals are not an asset for American economy on the contrary they are a liability a heavy burden for every US taxpayer I say no more! We the people have had enough of this crap! Stop rewarding these freeloaders and leeches it’s about time to deport them all! secured_borders securetheborder bordersecurity blm racebaiters welfarestate TrumpTrain DrainTheSwamp liberalagenda antisjw denouncetheviolence closetheborder migrantcrime illegalcrime migrantcrisis RedNationRising PresidentTrump Meme

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