I'm assuming the reason the comments on youtube are being deleted is because people are spamming the same commentsterms over and over and over again leading the anti spam algorithim to believe it's a massive spam attack i think felix made this donation to show good faith and to show he doesn't support bigotry and hate The facts you can noW - 4chan tried to rile you all up Felix is not being blackmailed or extorted This rumor is completely 100% false stop the YT comments being sorted by new is weird but that's something only felix can fix The ADL has no control over this subreddit or youtube comments whatsoever commenting in the sive has tweeted asking you guys to stop spamming a bunch of newalt accounts are spamming the subreddit with false information the subreddit wasis being brigaded Check post history before upvoting I've been called a jew rabbi goyim hundreds of times in my dms over the past 24 hours unboxing vid i do not work for Reddit or ADL there's a clip going around of Felix being surprised mods were appointed here years ago Since then I've had a lot of conversation with him and he appreciates what we as a mod team do i am not making this post to defend ADLi am making this post to stop the insane amount of spam in new Felix donated to ADL he is not controlled by STOP IT Meme

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