I'M BABY SITTING THIS SUMMER IN 30$ Per Child EBT Approved I whoop ALL KIDS You Don't Show Up I'll Drop Off TRY ME My services start from 7AM 7PM Mon-Sat I will provide breakfast & lunch but I am NOT providing DINNER so pick your kids up on time If your baby drinks Formula & you don't bring enough heshe will be drinking water Lil boys with silver caps on their teeth are automatically * * * DENIED Those are the bad ones Lil girls with braids or crochets will cost extra since they are usually grown women in a child's body QUESTIONS? I am glad to answer ANY & ALL questions! SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY PS I hope your child can fight bcI don't get in kids beefbusiness nor do I break up fights !! I’d take my kids to her in a heartbeat wouldn’t you? Meme

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