I'm looking for someone to hang out with where we just roast each other and make stupid jokes over coffee Are you my girl? Oh you want to be roasted When I'm done with you you'll go from the jiffy puff marshmallow to a toasted s'more You and I both could use a tan I don't think you could take it tho you might burn to a crisp Were already crisp considering we're white than goddamn saltines You're whiter than if they printed out a picture of rice on cardstock You're so white you make whiteout look tan If I made a mistake I could just put a picture of you to cover up my writing You're so white people put you on a pole wave you around when they want to surrender You're so white you think water is spicy You're so white you walk into Starbucks and ask for the usual they bring you the manager You're so white you glow in the dark On a scale from 000-000- 0000 to 999-999-9999 how white do you think I am? IM DEAD That was smooth as hell Love a good roast battle Meme

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