I'm not everyone's cup of tea I'm too much for some people Too loud too outspoken I talk too much I voice my opinions far too often and forget the filter To others I am too quiet Shy Off putting maybe even stuck up To some I'm just a mom A mom who could stand to lose a few pounds Someone who needs to get it together I'm disheveled - a hot mess I make lists only to forget them on my kitchen counter To others I'm too career driven too organized by the book A control freak too structured A planner Do you see a trend here? I'm always going to be too much for some and not enough for others when in reality I'm both I'm equal parts loud and quiet I'm career driven and a hot mess mama As women we worry so much about what other people think or what we think they might be thinking We create judgments in our own heads We hear undertone where it's not even meant to exist We over-analyze text messages We worry why we didn't get the invite We see glances and whispers and assume they must be directed at us We waste so much of our time worrying about what other people's opinions of us are We try so hard to bend ourselves fifty different ways to fit a mold in hopes of somehow satisfying everyone else only to leave ourselves feeling empty But why? For what? Approval? Friends we are far beyond the years of needing someone else's approval This is YOUR motherhood This is your journey If you want to work work If you want to be a stay at home mom do it If you laugh too loudly or people don't get your sense of humor who cares If painting or writing or any other thing brings you joy chase it If you want to breastfeed your baby on the subway be prideful If you are quiet and people think you are stuck up that's their loss sister If you didn't bake anything for the annual bake sale but managed to run by the grocery store to pick up cookies set them on the table with confidence Stop apologizing Stop worrying about what other people think I know I know Heaven forbid we offend someone GASP Obviously if you have done something to truly hurt someone by all means own it Apologize Do the right thing but stop apologizing for things that are your choice Stop doubting your own decisions Stop looking over your shoulder Stop trying to please everyone else Because people? Well people are always going to have an opinion I'm just at the point in my life where I can finally say - LET THEM and I think you are too People aren't always going to agree with you in fact some people aren't going to like you for no other reason than because they can Is it fair? No But it's OK Don't be afraid to go against the tide to do your own thing without question or hesitation Do the thing that sets your soul on fire regardless of what others think Be who you were made to be not who others want you to be Because you're never going to be everyone's cup of tea just like I'm not But those people? They aren't your people via They Whine So I Wine Meme

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