I'm only doing homework today Sunday Starter-Pack What is wrong with me Why can't I just focus? uReallyThatUsername Putting on some music will get me focused I'll get working right after a long refreshing shower I'm just gonna go on for a minute for a break One quick game to clear my mind 10 I'll get a coffee to wake me up Damn I missed my 500 start time I'll really get going at 600 *Opens up classroom but doesnt do any work* Takes 2 hour nap at 200 pm even though no work has been started* I need some inspiration I'll just watch a bunch of his videos Browses these when work isn't finished at 800 pm instead of doing work* Gives up at 930 and says i'll finish everything in the morning but stays on phone in bed until 1115 and then wakes up late for school* rGetMotivated rGetDisciplined*rADHD rDepression OR Meme

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