i'm sad and idk how to feel better Painting is a nice way to put a happy buck in your pocket and to make good things happen in your heart i don't know what to draw bobrossgifs Whatever makes you happy you put in your world i always mess up We don't make mistakes - we just-have hap py accidents BUT I SUCK Talent is a pursued interest In other words anything that youre willing to practice you can do wrap-your-troubles-in-dreams star-trek-unofficial positive-memes Bob Ross was too good for this world Literally why I started painting I tell people constantly that art is a learned talent anyone can learn it Regardless of disabilities or prior artistic knowledge You don’t even need to be good at it just the process alone helps improve your brain and body The fact that people don’t know or refuse to believe this is the main reason I went back to school to study and become an art teacher Meme

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