I'M SO FUCKED UP OVER MANDALA EFFECT CONSPIRACIES RIGHT NOW WHATS THE MOST ICONIC THING ABOUT THE MONOPOLY DUDE?? HIS MONOCLE RIGHT? EVERYONE REMEMBERS THAT WELL WHERE THE FUCK DID IT GO saberghatz AND YOU KNOW KIT-KATS?? THATS RIGHT KIT-KATS I JUST AUTOMATICALLY SPELLED IT WITH A DASH WELL FUCK ME UP!! CAUSE APPARENTLY THERE AIN'T NO DASH ANMORE KitKat AND SMOKEY THE BEAR YOU KNOW THE BEAR WHO EDUCATES US ABOUT FOREST FIRES SMOKEY THE BEAR NOPE IT S SMOKEY BEAR ONLY YOU Smokey Bear Smokey Bear is an American advertising mascot created to educate the public about the dangers of forest fires An advertising campaign saberghatz don't even FUCKING TALK TO ME ABOUT MONA LISA'S SMILE THAT WAS NEVER THERE BEFORE I HAD TO RECREATE A PAINTING OF HER FOR A SCHOOL PROJECT AND MY REFERENCE PHOTO WAS NOT THIS saberghatz And this one of course we all know its Berenstein b ut OUR CURRENT TIMELINE SEEMS TO DISAGREE More images Berenstain Bears Book series The Berenstain Bears is a series of children's books created by Stan and Jan Berenstain and continued by their son Mike Berenstain who ebreże ebreze im so done I'm leaving the planet Source saberghatz Jet fuel cant melt kit kats Meme

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