I'm tired of house hunters No more white people choosing between 3 equally nice houses in the suburbs Instead I want a show about average millennials trying to find apartments in major cities Give me a 25-year-old trying to find somewhere habitable in NYC for $1k a month Give me a grad student looking for a flat in San Francisco on their shoestring budget Give me a young adult who just got a starter job in Paris and now has to figure out how to move there Will Joe choose the place with a couch for a bed or will he go for the closet-sized crawl space? Will Kat manage to find some place in the city or will she end up with a 2-hour commute? Will Chris go for the barely renovated warehouse or will he start sleeping in the break room at work? Find out next week on I Don't Want to Be Homeless httplettersiarrangetumblrcompost168124135448im-tired-of-house-hunters-no-more-white-people It would be an actual reality show Meme

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