Imet this dog and asked it's owner for a photo Baxter the dog saw my phone sat down and smiled Again we do not deserve dogs t You Retweeted Saladin Ahmed @saladinahmed damn my neighbor who l'd never met just busted serious ass to help me get my car out the snow so l cCould get my kids to schooland was like 'I'm from Kenya we don't just leave our neighbor to struggle' people are just great sometimes 21218 1233 PM 1902 Retweets 9937 Likes a baby was staring at me in target so i started waving to her & she waved back & the mom whipped around & was like OMG & i waslike oh sorry i was just waving to your baby & she was like THAT WAS THE 1ST TIME SHES WAVED & me & this mom SCREAMED in the store bC we were so excited recommend Wholesome Interactions Between Strangers That Will Bring a Smile to Your Face x Meme

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