imiplicit Demand For Proof Fall Away The Pantaloon Addict With A Pen 1 I know you're not a liar I don't want to fall fall away I don't want to fal fall away I will keep the lights on in this place Cause I dont want to fall fall away Hello We haven't talked in quite some time I know I haven't been the best of sons Hello Ive been traveling in the desert of my mind And I haven't found a drop of life I haven't found a drop of you I haven't found & drop t haven't found a drop of water Water Your grandpa died when you were nine And I know you oould set fire this day Go ahead and make me look away say he had lost his mind Yonu learned way too soon Strike me down I am calling your lightning You should never trust the Pantaloon Down from your Go abead and show me your Now It's your turn to to be alone Plnd a wife and build yourself& home You have learned way too soon That your dad is now the Pantaloon ahorus I disguise and I will lie And I will take my precious time Rain down and destroy me verse 2 I am simply very perplexed by your ways As the days melt as I stand in line I try desperately to run through the sand as I Hold the water in the palm of my hand Cause its all that I have and its all that I need and the The waves of the water mean nothing to me But I try my best in all that I can to Hold tightly on to what's left in my hand But no matter how how tightly I will strain The sand will slow me down and the water will drain I'm just betng dramatic in fact And I die as I wait as I walt on my orime And Ill try to delay what you make of my life But I don't want your way I want mine You are tired you are hurt A moth ate through your favorite shirt Why wouid you let us use your name? and I'm trying but betieve me I'm fine t I'm lying I'm so very far from fine And all your friends fertilize The ground you walk chorus Loope your mind L I can feel the pull begin Peel my conscience wearing thin And my skin will start He's peen too many stare doWns Between the aun and the moon in the morning atr how He used to huntle all the people walking through the fairgrounds He's been around so long he's changed his meaning of a chair now Beoause a chair now Is like a uny island in the ses of all the people Who glide acroes the very aurface thbat made his bones feeble The end oan't come soon enough but is it too soon? Either way he oan't deny he is the Pantaloon at it aguin To up and fall apart Wha's addicted to the As it blows me back and ahorus Bind leas spineless and pretend Of course I'll be here again 8ee you tomorrow but its tbe end Of today end of my ways As a walking denial my trial waa filed As a crazy suicidal head oase Every time I feel selfish ambition is taking my vision My crime la my sentenoe repentance is taking commiasion It's taking a toll on my soul I'm screaming submiosion And I don't know if I am dying or living Cause I will save face for name's sake abuse grace Take aim to obtain a new name and a new plaoe But my name is larme I cant walk and I ain't the same And my name beoarme & new destiny to the grave But you specialize in You hear me screaming And I'm lying here just crying So wash me with your water verne 3 You like to aleep alone it's oolder than you know Cause your akin is so used to colder bones It'a warmer in the morning than whas it is at night Your bones are held together by your nightmares and your chorus x2 chorua Friend Please March To The Sea verse 1 I feel for you but when did you believe you were alone There's miles of land in front of us And we're dying with every step we talke breath we make And I'I fall in line You say that spiders cziwled inesde and made themselves a home Wer dyingwith evearyrs A stranger's back is all i see And I'll look left and right sometimes But I'll fall in line And no one looks up anymore Where light once was He's only a few feet in front of Potrifted of who you are and who you have become You will hide from everyone denying you need someone To exterminate your bones chorus Priend please remove your hands from Over your eyes for me I know you want to leave but Priend please don't take your life away from me Cause you might got a raindrop in your eye And heaven forbid they see you ory As we fall in line And about this time of every year The line will go to the ocean pier And walk right off into the sea And then we fall asleep verse 2 Laving like a ghost you walle by everyone you know You say that you're fine but you have lost your sway and glow 8o I stopped by to let you know And as we near the end of land And our ooean graves are just the Band I ask mysolf the question why I fall in line And then out of the corner of my eye I aee a spaceship in the slky chorus And hear a voice inside my head Pollow me instead bridge And then the wages of war will start Inside my head with my counterpart And the emotionless marchers will ohant the phrase Would you let me know your plans tonight Cause I just won't let go tal we both pee the light And I have nothing else left to Bay But I will listen to you all day yes I will This line's the only wa And then I start down the sand My eyes are focused on the end of land But again the voice inside my head Says follow me instead ahorus Take me up Beal the door Idon't want to march here anymore I realize that this line is dead So I'll follow you instead 8o then you put me back in my place So I might start another And once again I will be In a march to the sea 0 He stays home from work this time He never really I don' fall slow like I used to I fall straight down But the muffs on your ears will cater your fears You're But now he's just watching the back ofhis eyes And I just don't say what you want to hear But they lie when they blame it on the times And I don't believe in talking just to breathe Open the slits in your face and start your day You don't have much time to make your slits look alright I want to fall inside your ghoet And flll up every hole inside my Sometime we will die and sonetimes we will ly away Either way you're by my side until my dying days I want to crack the door so I can just fall out You reached in the back and buckled up your heart And if I'm not there and I'm far away I said Look in the mirror and ask your soul if you're alright Don't be afraid I eaid don't be afraid We're going home It was a little dark so he held a makeshit toroh I want to strip myself of breath A breathless plece of death I've He crept in her room and stayed there for the night We pick songs to sing remind us of things that no body oares And honestly we're probably more suiaidal than ever now If you decide to live by what you think's wrong and what's right Your weeping will oreep in head and you'll cry We can tate a part our very heart and the light will set you free So the hearse ran out of gas the passenger person grabbed a map And the driver inside devised a new route to save the past And checked his watoh and grabbed a cab A beautifully planned taxi cab the cab Had a cleared out back and two men started to unpack Driving once again and now this time there were three men And then I heard one of them say I know the night will turn to grey I know the stars will start to fade when all the darkness fades away We had to steal him from his fate so he could see another day And then I aracked open my box someone must have picked the lock A little light revealed the spot where my inger nails had fought Then I pushed to open more pushing up againat the door Then I sat up off the floor and found the breath I was searching for There they were three men up front All I saw were backs of heads And then I asked If I'm alive and well or am I dreaming dead Then one turned around to say And time will fly by and the sky will cry as light is fading we repeat the same routine as we will please Please think about why you can't sleep in the evening But for now you told me to hold this jar And when I looked inside I saw it held your heart And please don't be afraid of what your soul is really thinking Your soul knows good and evil your soul knows both sides And it's time you pick your battle and I promise you this is popcandy from Reddit a lyric book for self-titled originally sold at concerts back in 2010 Meme

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