imported post Hey guys im new to the forums a friend pointed me in this direction Ok so here is my story I was out at the local saki eating with the lady and in walks city pd I was sitting with my pistol secured in its holster on the outside in plain view He walks right past my table and doesnt say a word I continue to eat with the lady and about 20 minutes later we go to leave The officer follows us outside and says hey buddy can i talk to you a minute I turn around and say yes sir? He then reaches and pulls my gun from my holster and says whats this? I reply my firearm that i legally perchased i have the reciept in my wallet if you wish to see if He looks me up and down and asks why are you carrying it?? i reply for self protection and as far as i know NC is an OC state and there is nothing illegal about it He proceeded to tell me it is an OC state but there is a law about terrorizing the public He proceeded to unload my XD and had it back he told me to get a CCW I was at first highly annoyed at his behavior but after going down to the police station to get my extra mag back that he forgot to handoveri learned that the teenage brats sitting behind us had called 911 and just told them there was a guy with a gun So i understand his agression So what should i do about OC? i really want to OC and yes i am getting my CCW <p>Oh you’ve got to be kidding me<p> Meme

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