In 1791 when the 2nd Amendment was written EVERY GUN WAS MILITARY STYLE A little black coffee this morning and some home grown perspective If you follow along with my posts or this page you probably support gun rights I know most people believe there are various stages of gun rights supporters right? From those who support the 2nd Amendment as it was written the only way to support it btw and those who agree that We the People shouldn't have access to X Truth be told there are no other stages they don't really exist Either you support it as it was written and intended to defend your individual and collective rights liberties and freedoms or you fall into the I support it but category If you fall into the I support the 2nd but category then you really don't support the 2nd Amendment as it was intended Yeah I get it You want to say you do but you still want the government to protect you from the bad people Nothing wrong with the government creating a civilized place to live with a certain amount of security but ultimately we are supposed to be part of the solution to protecting society as well as our individual liberties and freedoms Through responsibility self-reliance and independence we are to take up the torch of protection where our government's abilities fall short and they often fall short We the People are supposed to be responsible enough to be trusted with equal firepower whether we need it or not and there are many out there that are that responsible but we still have to self-reflectively ask ourselves Why do people who are afraid so unwilling to trust those who are not or those who are willing to stand in the face of fear in spite of it? Are we really responsible enough or are we falling short? Are we losing the battle for liberty and freedom through complacency laziness or intolerance? If we want to be viewed like well-regulated responsible and self-reliant citizens by those who are afraid of liberty and freedom maybe we need to help change their perceptions? I know we truthfully don't owe them any consideration because the 2nd Amendment is a natural born Creator bestowed right to self-defense EVERY human has that right inherently but US Citizens have had that right protected from government infringement and that means ANY FORM OF RESTRICTION or INFRINGEMENT! The sheep are afraid and they are looking toward the government to protect them The same government that is afraid of those who are willing to stand up for liberty and freedom A government that is afraid of those they can't bully A government that is afraid of a confident and willing society that is armed with equal firepower The government is intentionally creating the separation of equality and manufacturing the division among us and they are doing it to lead us all down a very dark path It's time to MAKE A PLAN AND STAND UNITED because knowledge is power and it conquers fears It will also help us rebuild a confident and willing society that no MAN can break Take a gun grabber to the range and show them that what they fear is not the firearm Maybe they will join us instead of fight against us? Just a few things to think about as you go about your day! Thanks for reading along and don't forget to look toward Christ for answers Not religion but Christ because He makes the difference #blackcoffeeperspectives #patrioticselfreflections #homegrownhowto #makeaplan Patrick James Meme

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